The Studio



Baby Bubbles is all about creating timeless memories for you and your loved ones. We've mastered the art of Maternity, Newborn and Toddler shoots and love capturing moments that will keep you smiling.


The Studio

Our child friendly studio is regularly sanitised and very comfortable for both baby and parents to enjoy. Our backdrops and the ambiance we provide take you to a magical place.



This can take up to 3 hours of shooting per day. We provide High resolution images.



A link will be sent with cropped images on the provided email for choosing pictures which will be edited. We require upto 2 weeks of editing time after chosen pictures via pixiset. We opt to deliver the final images on pixiset or drop box.



We require 2 weeks for delivery after pictures are chosen by the client.


Day Before The Shoot

  • Give your little one a gentle clean up under the nails.
  • In order to give bouncy and a fresh appearance, a quick hair wash was would be ideal.

Day of the shoot

  • It’s highly recommended to feed the baby half an hour prior to the session.
  • Dress the baby in one layer outfit so changing can be easy and quick.
  • Keeping the baby awake an hour before the session will help them sleep whilst we photograph them.

During the shoot

  • The time frame of each photo shoot will include feeding in-between and ensuring the baby goes back to sleep.
  • If your baby uses anything to keep calm such as a pacifier or blanket please bring it along. Expect a 3 hour time frame for each session.

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